Each time a Guest confirms a booking On villa Lilaea, a rental Contract is entered into between the property and the guest in whose name the booking is made (the “Guest”) for the agreed period (“Rental Period”). The Rental Contract is not effective until we have confirmed the Guest’s booking in writing.


When the Guest makes a booking request, the Guest must make the appropriate deposit payment to us within 5 working days of availability confirmation. If the required deposit payment is not received within the 5 working day period, we reserve the right to void the Guest’s booking request. The following deposit payment must be received by villa Lilaea:

  • For rentals beginning more than 75 days after the date of the booking request – a deposit of 30% of the total rental amount is payable
  • For rentals beginning 75 days or less after the date of the booking request – the total rental amount is payable as a deposit

Where a 30% deposit applies to the booking, the Guest must pay the remaining 70% balance not less than 75 days before the scheduled arrival date.

Reservation Voucher

Confirmation details, the Property address, contact details of the Owner’s Representative, transfer arrangements and directions to the Property will be sent to the Guest in a reservation voucher when full payment is received. This voucher, along with the Guest’s passport, need to be presented upon arrival.

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